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Director of Composition:

David Gillingham, Ph.D., Central Michigan University


1. To compose new music, especially music that can be performed at different levels of music education.

2. To commission new music by composers from all over the world.

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Current Projects:

 I. The current repertoire of new music for band lacks pieces that can be performed by an average junior high school band. A grade 3 band piece (junior high level) was commissioned from the emerging composer Kim Archer. The piece was premiered by a Michigan high school band and was published by C. Alan publications. For more information click here.

II. David R. Gillingham composed a piece for choir, soprano and baritone soloists, and wind ensemble after three poems by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. This piece, entitled "LifeSongs", was premiered at Illinois State University on April 27, 2003 (celebrating the opening of their new performance hall), and was subsequently published to be available for other ensembles.

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Upcoming Projects:

The ICNM International Composition Competition. For more information click here.

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Send an E-mail to: nico.schuler@icnm.org

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last revised: 7-13-2006